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Honyaku Cloud Feedback

Hi (),
Thanks very much for working with us on # as .
We're always looking to improve our translation process and platform, so we would love to hear your feedback on your experience with us.
Please complete the short survey below, and we look forward to working with you again soon.
All the best, The Honyaku Cloud Team

Honyaku Cloud Portal

How easy was it to log in and use the Honyaku Cloud portal?
How easy was it to find new translation assignments on your dashboard and then access them in Phrase?

Any comments about the tech?

Please let us know how you felt about the platform. E.g. - How does it compare with your other translation partners? - Was it obvious when you were assigned a task and how to access it? - Was there anything you particularly liked or didn't like about Honyaku Cloud?

Translation Process

How helpful were the FAQs and other resources inside the Translator Portal?
How valuable did you find the translation workflow and the comments and revisions from the proofreader?
Translation & Revision Process

Any comments about the translation and revision process?

Please let us know how you felt about the translation process. E.g. - How often did you use the client or language resources? Which resources were most helpful? - How did you find the translation workflow (First Draft --> Proofread --> Revision)? - Did the feedback from the proofreader have an impact on your revisions? If so, how?

Is there anything we could have done better?

We're constantly trying to improve the Honyaku Cloud platform for both ourselves and our fellow translators. Please let us know if there is anything that could have been better.

Are you satisfied with the Translator Portal?

At Honyaku Cloud, we try to eliminate the prep and admin around translation so translators can focus almost exclusively on translation. Please let us know if you find this helpful and if there are other aspects of admin you’d like us to eliminate.